Salomon Station


At the rental corner "SALOMON STATION" Unified under the Salomon brand, such as skiing and snowboarding, Top grade expert models can also be rented.

Palcall Tsumagoi 2020-2021 season ski/snowboard rental application can be complete online!

The latest rental model and high-end, new-style model skis are also available at "Salomon Station"!!
Visit Salomon Ski/Snowboard Rentals, The most convenient on-site rental shop!

Ski/ Snowboard online rental application 

  • Step 1

    Select the rental period and accommodation from the rental entry form.

  • Step 2

    Enter your name, menu, size, etc. for each user.

  • Step 3

    After completing the application, the reservation number will be sent to the registered email address.

  • Step 4

    Present your reception number and passport/resident card at the rental station reception counter.

  • Step 5

    complete payment at the reception counter.

  • Step 6

    Rental staff will assist you in gear selection and setting.

  • Step 7

    Collect your gear from the staff

*paper applications are not acceptable. In case the customer doesn't have a smartphone, please kindly apply from the provided station.

New Items

The newest item of the season Snow scooter is now available for rent!
You can choose from 3 types of models, Inspire, Edge, and Shark, according to the level you want to enjoy. Let's Scoot!







Inspire: This model is the best choice for those who are just starting out! A semi-rocker board that even beginners can easily enjoy!

Edge: A free-rider model that everyone from beginners to experts (intermediate) can enjoy.

Shark: An all-mountain snow moto that demonstrates outstanding performance in all situations. The edge that extends long back and forth does not bite off the snow surface once caught. Instead of carving for the purpose of tilting left and right, you can run the board forward in the latter half of the turn and feel a sharp turn. The slightly stiffer and wider board raises the speed range on steep slopes.

* Limited quantity, only walk-in application

Rental Fee

Item Hours Adult Kids
1 Day 7,400¥ 5,300¥
5 Hours 6,000¥ 4,800¥
Ski Set
Snowboard Set
1 Day 4,900¥ 3,700¥
5 Hours 4,000円 3,300円
Ski/Snowboard (single item) 1 Day 3,300¥ 2,700¥
Ski boots
Snowboard boots
(single item)
1 Day 2,300¥ 1,700¥
Stick 1 Day 800¥
Fun Ski
Item Hours Adult
Fun Ski Set+Wear 1 Day 7,400¥
Fun Ski Set 1 Day 4,900¥
Fun Ski Set 5 Hours 4,000¥
Fun Ski (single item) 1 Day 3,300¥
Fun Ski Boots (single item) 1 Day 2,300¥
Stick 1 Day 800¥
Skiwear & Other
Item Hours Adult Kids
Skiwear 1 Day 4,400¥ 3,200¥
5 Hours 3,600¥ 2,400¥
Snowshoes Set 1 Day 2,800¥
Expert (board only) 1 Day 5,500¥
Snow Scooter
1 Day 3,300¥ Not available
5 Hours 2,800¥ Not available
Helmet 1 Day 1,000¥ 800¥

* You can change the set rental item for 1,000 yen each time.
* Free helmet for rental of 3-piece set for children (first-come-first-served basis).
* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Size Chart

Rental Guide

  • Googles and gloves are not available for rent
  • Payment can be made in cash or credit card (online pre-purchase)
  • Please have your passport/resident card ready.
  • When using the lift, please wear skis or boards before boarding.
  • Kids at 6th grade or under are eligible for children's rates
Adult (large sizes)
Item Sizes
Boots Ski 22.0cm~34.0cm
Snowboard 22.5cm~32.0cm
Board Ski 135cm~176cm
Fun Ski 125cm
Snowboard 135cm~166cm
Stick 75cm~130cm
Skiwear XS(140cm)~3XL(190cm)
Kids(small sizes)
Item Sizes
Boots Ski 15cm~24cm
Snowboard 15cm~22cm
Board Ski 70cm~140cm
Snowboard 90cm~130cm
Stick 75cm~130cm
Skiwear XS(90cm)~3XL(150cm)
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