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The latest ski and snowboard rental gear is offered at Palcall Ski Center.
“SALOMON STATION” stocks a wide variety of snow gear for everyone, from beginner level up to expert.

Our friendly experts at the world-famous Salomon will help you get the right fit and adjustments to your skiing and boarding gear.

Gear Price Lists

Ski & Snowboard
Type Time Adult Child
Ski / Snowboard Set
Outer Wear
1 Day ¥7,400 ¥5,300
5 Hours ¥6,000 ¥4,800
Ski Set
Snowboard set
1 Day ¥4,900 ¥3,700
5 Hours ¥4‚000 ¥3‚300
1 Day ¥3‚300 ¥2,700
Boots 1 Day ¥2,300 ¥1‚700
Poles 1 Day ¥800
Short Skis
Type Time Adult
Short Ski Set + Wear 1 Day ¥7,400
Short Ski Set + Wear 5 Hours ¥6,000
Short Ski Set 1 Day ¥4,900
Short Ski Set 5 Hours ¥4,000
Short Skis 1 Day ¥3,300
Boots 1 Day ¥2,300
Poles 1 Day ¥800
Other Items
Type Time Adult Child
Outer Wear 1 Day ¥4‚200 ¥3‚100
Outer Wear 5 Hours ¥3‚500 ¥2‚300
Snowshoe Set 1 Day ¥4‚000
Expert Model
(Skis only)
1 Day ¥5,500
Helmet 1 Day ¥1,000 ¥800

* Kids helmets are free (first in, first serve) with full kit rentals

* You can exchange Skis/Snowboard/Short Skis from the set rental by ¥1,000 each time.

Rental - Specifications and Size List

Rental Guide

  • We do not have rental services of goggles, gloves and other small items.
  • Identification of one adult is required.
  • Child – Elementary school aged children and under.
Type Size
Boots Ski 22.5cm~33.5cm
Board 22.5cm~32.0cm
Skis/Boards Ski 135cm~176cm
Short Ski 125cm
Board 135cm~163cm
Poles 75cm~130cm
Outer Wear XS(140cm)~3XL(190cm)
Type Size
Boots Ski 15cm~24cm
Board 15cm~22cm
Skis/Boards Ski 70cm~140cm
Board 90cm~130cm
Poles 75cm~130cm
Outer Wear XS(90㎝)~3XL(150㎝)
Other Items
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