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A Variety of Dynamic, Spacious and Extensive Ski Trails at Palcall

Palcall Tsumagoi Resort is the largest ski resort in the Kanto region with an astonishing 85 hectares (approx.) of land. Vast area of land in Palcall Tsumagoi offers you many types of trails suitable for all levels of skiers --- safe and worry-free slopes for younger families as well as more dynamic and challenging trails for experienced skiers.

PalCall Piste

Offering a great choice of slopes to enjoy the high quality delicate powder snow. Palcall Piste offers a variety of trails for all levels of skiers. “Vivace” is Palcall Tsumagoi Resort’s main run.

Course Vertical Drop Course Length Inclination Special Characteristics Difficulty Level
Max Average
“Soft Rime” Presto 180m 950m 24゜ 13゜ Feel the nature’s miracle, beautiful soft rime, while adventuring through the advanced trail. Advanced
Vivace 180m 850m 22゜ 13゜ Enjoy the high quality powder snow on Palcall’s main run. Intermediate
Largo 110m 650m 18゜ 12゜ Intermediate course running alongside the hooded lift. Connects you to Baragi Piste. Intermediate
Adagio 90m 600m 18゜ 10゜ Gentle slope surrounded by the Japanese hemlock trees. Intermediate
Allegro 120m 600m 16゜ 12゜ Moderate slope angle is a great choice for beginners to intermediate skiers to practice or test your skills. Connects you to Baragi Piste. Intermediate
Andante 140m 775m 18゜ 10゜ Moderate slope angle is a great choice for beginners to intermediate skiers to practice or test your skills. Intermediate
Dolce 220m 1,275m 18゜ 10゜ Wide and gentle course for beginners and intermediate skiers. Beginner
Moderato 200m 1,300m 18゜ 11゜ Perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers with a good view all around. Beginner

Baragi Piste

Baragi Piste has a variety of exciting trails including the most popular course, “Panorama”, offering you an amazing view through the astonishing course length of 1,510m.

Course Vertical Drop Course Length Inclination Special Characteristics Difficulty Level
Max Average
Panorama 180m 1,510m 22゜ 16゜ Superb view! The most popular course. Intermediate
Kometsuga 200m 940m 21゜ 12゜ Beautiful trail through the Japanese hemlock trees. Intermediate
Asama 80m 485m 16゜ 8゜ Wide and gentle course. Intermediate
Kurohu 80m 500m 13゜ 7゜ Ideal for beginners to intermediate skiers with a wide slope. Intermediate
Shirane 80m 490m 21゜ 10゜ Always in perfect snow condition with machine made snow. Beginner
Beginner 100m 620m 16゜ 8゜ A “worry-free” main slope for children and beginners. Beginner
Shirakaba 100m 880m 19゜ 8゜ Spot the two white birch trees standing in “Shirakaba (white birch)” course. Ideal for beginners. Beginner
Romance - 620m 14゜ 8゜ - Beginner

Lodge & Restaurant “Baragi”

When you need a rest, please take a break here. Inside, you can relax and enjoy a variety of hot meal choices such as curry and noodles. You will also find a ticket counter here.

For more information, including the operating days and schedules, please check with the information counter.

*The restaurant may open on extra days.
*Please feel free to use vending machines and restrooms when the lodge is closed.

Opening Hours Opening Hours Number of Seats Menu
10:00 – 15:00 (*Food menu is served from 11:00.) Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays 180 seats (total) Hamburger, pizza, soft serve ice cream, etc.

Snow Park (Asama Course)

Safety precautions and instructions for Snow Park guests



Requests and refusals to customers using the snow park

  • This area is not suitable for inexperienced snowboarders. Please refrain from entering this area.
  • For the Park’s safety control and quality maintenance purposes, we strongly ask you to refrain from hiking.
  • In the event that the rules of the Park (such as no hiking policy) and/or instructions by the Park staff are not followed, the Park staff may request you to leave the Park.
  • Operating days and operating hours may change depending on the weather conditions. Please check with our website for the most up-to-date information.
  • We assume no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, loss, or damages to a person or property, including equipment and attachments, in connection with the use of this Snow Park. (Thank you for understanding the self-responsibility policy.)

* Due to snow conditions, not all items are currently available. Please contact us directly for details such as additional plans.

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