Activities ― On the Mountain

Wetlands and Waterfall


Dripping with green and swathed in enchantment, Japan’s great outdoors bid exploration. The hotel opens onto two scenic walking routes: one that meanders into famous wetlands and one that leads to a tranquil waterfall. Both showcase the vast and pristine beauty of the Japanese mountains in their full summer glory.  

Follow the path to explore the wilds of the Yoshigadaira wetlands and Ishidoi waterfall. Here, moors and streams, ponds and lakes flank the fertile (and scenic) foot of Mt. Kusatsu, an active volcano that provides just enough heat to keep the wetlands hospitable to wildlife, year-round. Marvel at salamanders, dip your feet into the river, and summit to views of Oniiwa onsen and the ridge walk from Mt. Ibaraki to Mt. Azuma. 

See if you can spot blooming astragalus in summer and gentian in autumn. Train your ear to differentiate birdsong. Hone your eagle eye to locate monkeys, foxes, raccoons, weasels, squirrels, rabbits, wild boar, deer, bear, and other wildlife.

These walking routes are easy and appropriate for all fitness levels, although there is some incline on the trails. You’re in the mountains, after all!

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