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Climb to 2.1m above the sea riding our Gondola, Ridge walking on an active volcano, Explore one of Japan's famous mountain! A new world of adventure and beauty. 

Activities ― On the Mountain


Climb to 2,100 meters (6,890 feet) and summit a new world of adventure and beauty. Away from the city and enveloped by the sights and sounds of nature, here the air is crisp, the scenery beautiful, and the panoramas stretch for miles. 

Ridge Walking

Hike to dramatic mountain landscapes and breathtaking valley views, one of Japan’s most famous ridge walks – and new experiences wait around every corner.

Wetlands and Waterfall

Follow the path to explore the wilds of the Yoshigadaira wetlands and Ishidoi waterfall foot of Mt. Kusatsu, an active volcano. And dip your feet into the river, and summit to views of Oniiwa onsen and the ridge walk from Mt. Ibaraki to Mt. Azuma. 


Yoga classes are the perfect complement to your day’s activity. Warm your muscles to prep for a ridge walk, encourage flexibility before a visit to the onsen, or simply find your center and vacation calm. Weather permitting, classes will be held in our outdoor yoga studio overlooking the valley and surrounding scenery.

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