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As snow-covered slopes melt into a riot of summery promise, Tsumagoi blooms into what we lovingly call green season – a time for warm breezes and scenic hikes, onsen soaks and morning yoga. 

So, too, is summer a time for mountain thrills. Gone is our famous snow but here is the opportunity for road cycling adventures and mountain ridge walks, mountain bike courses and air-filled bag jumps to refine your snowy sport skills.

And then, there are the views: Stretching for miles, circling active and dormant volcanoes, and sweeping through verdant valleys, our summer panoramas are a sight to behold. Reserve a night to camp on the mountaintop and awake to a Mt. Azumaya sunrise. Take the gondola up into the heavens. Dip your toes into a secluded waterfall. Enjoy Tsumagoi as never before: draped in green, dappled in wildflowers, and swathed in stunning natural beauty.

Experience this world of scenic splendor and natural adventure, at 2,100 meters (6,900 feet) above sea level. Get out of the city and experience our refreshing air, our fair-weather attractions, and the quiet sounds of nature, as only heard in summer!

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Mountain Top Glamping (Coming 2021)

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Mountain Biking

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