Japan’s Largest Freestyle Terrain

Are you just discovering Palcall? Or you’ve been to this hidden gem before? Well, it’s about time for everyone to be exposed to the limitless ski resort that Palcall is again!

Everything has changed at Palcall. This place is already the largest ski resort in the Kanto region. Now, it also has the largest freestyle terrain park too!  Since the beginning of 2021-2022 Palcall has totally changed and evolved to something more exciting and fun. Introducing Japan’s Largest Freestyle Terrain Park at Palcall Tsumagoi Ski Resort, with its perfect topography for a world-class terrain park makes this resort an undeniable must-visit Japan’s ski destination!

The terrain park was first mentioned back in 2020-2021 about the time when the construction started. Each jump and kicker throughout the whole course were carefully designed by one of the world’s famous terrain designers, Ryo Aizawa a professional snowboarder representing Japan as an active global rider of “Monster Energy” and “DC SHOE” together with Palcall’s crew. 

The park is also called “Magic Terrain Park”, it’s 1,000 m long and consists of all kinds of fun for all levels from Olympic athletes to beginners. What’s magic about this park is it’s 3 concepts


1. The Magic “R” Area

The concept of “R” is a 1,000 m long area that everyone from any level can enjoy the slopestyle. It is equipped with more than 20 terrain features like kickers, snow tubes, volcanoes, banks, and spines!


2. The Magic “Infinity” Area

An infinite 500 meters of fun, this area is perfect for skiers and boarders from intermediate to advanced.
It features 20-25 terrain items like single round rail, triangular rail, lightning rails, and box to down rail.


3. The Magic “24” Area

Just like how it was named. This area is open 24 hours and features 5 terrain items including an elevated podium box, narrow box, thick round tail, PVC pipe, and 3M kicker


Also, check out these cool videos from riders around Japan visiting Palcall during this 2021-2022 season and we hope to see you on the slopes very soon!


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