Accommodation Plans

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Accommodation Plan

Room only accommodation

A simple plan only for accommodation.
meals and lift tickets are not included in this plan but can be added-on later or purchase online now here 🙂

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Bed and Breakfast for Snow Lovers

A great plan for the winter holiday room and breakfast included. lift tickets can be purchased online here

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Late Arrival Plan

Recommended for guests who arrive late in the day
this plan includes bed & breakfast, and a 1-day gondola lift ticket

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BEST SELLER All Inclusive Accommodation Plan

Perfect All Inclusive plan includes bed & breakfast & dinner! and a gondola & lift ticket that you can fully
enjoy from the check-out! It is a

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3 rentals + Bed & Meals

FREE 3 rentals(snowboard=2) with gondola lift ticket, room, breakfast, and dinner included

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Hands-Free Accommodation Plan

Super exclusive hassle-free accommodation plan.
Enjoy Palcall to the maximize with FREE! rentals (whole set)+gondola lift ticket+room+breakfast, and dinner!

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Day Trip Plan

Day Trip Plan (limited 10 room/day)

Space where you can eat and relax safely and securely with your family and friends while ensuring a social distancing

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