Taste the charm of Gunma♪ + Dinner with local beer

Discover Gunma, Enjoy Local Gourmet Food

Highly recommend this tour for those who want to visit Gunma's famous scenic spots during the day, and relax and enjoy plenty of gourmet food for dinner.

Discover the beauty of Gunma, taste the local cuisine, and fall in love with this land!

Plan Details

Dinner buffet with a variety of food including Japanese, Western and Chinese food.
A glass of Gunma Prefecture local beer is included for each adult.

Meals can be served as a set depending on the number of guests.
The business hours may change depending on the schedule.

First-come-first-served reservation privilege
Guaranteed upper floor mountain view room
Please note that the number of rooms is limited, so the privilege may end depending on the date.

HP reservation only
One hour free late out (except for Obon period).
One bottle of Tsumagoi natural water per person.

Full of Delights
A skincare set will be given as a present to women (on request).
Welcome coffee service (self-service at the lobby).
Free gondola service! (only on operating days) ☆☆ Free gondola service!
Please note that we do not accept the replacement of the gondola if it is closed due to weather conditions or if you do not ride it for your own reasons.
Please click here to check the operating days and hours.


In the case of consecutive nights, the room will not be cleaned, only amenities will be changed.
Children between the ages of 0 and 2 are free of charge. Please let us know if your child will be staying with us.

Twin room
Meals Breakfast available No dinner
Capacity 1 to 2 persons
Payment on arrival

1 pax: 14,850 yen/person (excl Tax.)
2 pax: 11,550 yen/person (excl Tax.)

Triple Room
Meals No breakfast, dinner available
Capacity 3 persons
Payment on arrival

3pax: 11,550 yen/person (excl Tax.)

Maisonette Room
Meals No breakfast. Dinner included
Capacity 4 to 5 people
Payment on arrival

4pax: 11,550 yen/person (excl Tax)
5pax: 10,450 yen/person (excl Tax)

Japanese-style room
Meals No breakfast, dinner available
Capacity 2 to 9 persons
Payment on arrival

3pax: 12,650 yen/person (excl Tax)
4pax: 11,550 yen/person (excl Tax)
5pax or more: 10,450 yen/person (excl Tax)

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