Japan's First 3km Gondola Park


Jib Section

From the bottom of the Dolce course next to the 1st lift

Beginner/Kids corner

A practice corner at the bottom of the Dolce course with wide and flat slopes perfect for beginners and kids for beginners and kids.
Narrow BOX (2.7mx 300mm), PVC pipe 2.5m, and 3.6mx 900 width wide BOX are installed.
The wide box has a wide top plate of 900 mm, and even if falls, the damage is dispersed on the surface, so the risk is minimal, If you are a beginner practice with the wide box then to the narrow box and PVC pipe that can help you easily improve. Hike up is great for people who want to enter the park but scared or never done it before. Let's make a park debut her by rubbing and sliding! Let's do it!


Adult Course

Items for beginners to intermediates and intermediates to advanced are available.
From the bottom of the course, we will introduce 5.5mx 350mm wide straight rail, 5.5mx 350mm wide rainbow rail, 6.5mx 100mm square straight rail, 5.4mx 650mm box, 5.5m kicker for beginners to intermediates.

5.5mx 350mm wide straight rail
Lips can be inserted side-in (* enter by ollie from the side of the rail).
The height of the lip is almost the same as the rail, so even people with a low ollie are can easily use it!

The width is 350mm, so it's easy to ride! Even if it falls on the way, there is snow on the side and landing, so the impact of landing is small and the risk of falling is also low.

5.5mx 350mm wide rainbow rail
First, try riding straight! It's fun just to climb up and down! The width is 350mm, so it's easy to ride! Even if it falls on the way, the side is covered with snow and landing, so the impact of landing is small and the risk of falling is also low.

6.5mx 100mm square straight rail
The way to enter the lip is side-in, and the height of the lip is about 10cm lower than the rail so that you can aim the rail firmly. The rail uses 100 mm square, and compared to the round rail, the square rail can be ridden on a "face", so it is easy. This is also covered with snow on both the side and landing, so the risk of impact when falling is minimal.

5.4mx 650mm box
Three 1800mm boxes are connected and installed in a staircase pattern. Since it is easy to take a rhythm of 1, 2, and 3, it is easy to understand how much you are rubbing and it is easy to practice the technique of becoming blind (back facing).
The lip is flush with the top plate of the BOX. The wide lip makes it easy to approach rotating techniques. Of course, the landing is solid, so the impact of landing is minimal.

5.5m The kicker
speed is slow, the lip is high enough to withstand even if it does not reach the landing, and the slope is designed to be a little fast and long enough to withstand flying too much.
A wide lip that allows you to freely take the approach of rotating techniques. There are also follow-up lanes on the left and right of the kick, so you can shoot.
Since the pole is hit at the start position, it is recommended to start from there. Please be careful, not to overspeeding.

Next, 8m x 350mm wide down rails for intermediate to advanced users, 15m front side hips, and 10m front side hips also great for beginner who wants to challenge!

8m x 350mm wide down rail
Gondola Park's longest 8m rail. The way to enter the lip is side-in.
Since it is a side-in down rail, it is easy to aim at the rail and it is wide so it is easy to pull out. The lip is also adjusted to the height of the rail, so even if the ollie is low, it's OK! Of course, there is a slope on the side of the snow and landing, so the impact of falling and landing is minimal. If you get out of this, you are an advanced player!

The 15m front side hip
hip is an item that lands on the side and can be used by riders of various levels who can fly from the top of the lip or slow down and fly from the middle of the lip. You can gradually increase the height and distance according to your level.
The length of the side is 15m! How far can you fly?

10m front side hips
A reduced version of the front side 15m hips. The height of the lip is modest and the angle is loose, so it is perfect for practice. Watch out for overspeed, watch slowly at first, and gradually increase.

Please stay tuned for the next item to be introduced while the park is being expanded! 🙂

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